How to play a poker game?

Poker is a very famous casino game that is liked by every age group of people. Now you can enjoy it not just online but offline also. The game is very easy to understand. In this article, we will tell you, how to play the game.

The ultimate goal

In this game, the dealer distributes two-two cards to each of the players. Five cards will be there on the table, which will be common to everyone. The ultimate goal of this game is to make the best hand of five cards out of seven cards.

The small blind, big blind, and first round

After the cards are distributed, the small blind, just left to the dealer bet some amount, the big amount which is next to the small blind, bets just double of the small blind. The bets of the small blind and the big blind are decided before the game starts. Now the next players have the options of call, all-in, or bet. After this round, the dealer opens the three community cards on the table.

Second round

In this round, the person next to the dealer has the option to check, bet, or fold. Now if he checks, the other person has four options check, fold, all-in, or bet. This person is known as under the gun. Here one thing is to note that all the other options like bet, all-in, or fold can be repeated in any round but the check can be done only once. In this way, this round finishes and the dealer opens the fourth card.

Last round

After opening the fourth card, the fifth round starts and finishes in the same way as the fourths.

After this round, the dealer opens the fifth and the last community card which is known as ‘the River’. After this card is opened, every remaining player opens up their cards. The player with the highest ranks wins the game.

The best hand is decided on the basis of ten given ranks of this game.


Above we have told you how to play the poker game in a very easy manner. The steps are not too hard to understand if the proper attention is given while learning. After this, you can easily start playing this game. However, to be the prominent player in this game, you will have to give a good time for this game.

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