Common and usual poker lucky charms of all times

If you are a poker player in pokerlounge99 who believes in luck, check out the most popular lucky charms in the sphere. These are the most common lucky mascots for poker players of all times.

Lucky charms have been always in gambling world. No matter how much a casino player is aware that skills are the top required factors for a win, about 80% of them secretly believe in faith, which is why he or she has something at hand believing it brings luck.

There are a lot of legends about great poker players who have won thanks to their lucky mascots. Some stories tell about a huge millionaire won a big prize from pokerlounge99 thanks to his amulet made by a grandmother, while others speak of unusual objects that are commonly used by all poker from all around the world to placate the stars.

We don’t know if you have a lucky charm and whether you believe in such things at all. We are actually here to give you some example for lucky mascots that have been used and carried by some of the best poker players and the richest among them. Though, note that we are not going to share their names, of course…

Here’s the list with the most usual and unusual poker lucky charms of all times:

  1. Photographs of beloved people. It was in the middle of the previous century when a poker table used to look like a photo studio. In the USA (specifically in some states) there was a tradition for many poker players to place a photo of a beloved person (usually, the woman of the player’s heart, the kids or even the dead mother) next to the chips.
  2. Jewelry. Before you think that it’s a tradition performed only by female poker players, we should say that it’s not actually the whole truth. Indeed, a lot of poker women wear their luckiest earrings on a poker tournament. However, it’s also common for many male poker players to have a bracelet or a ring worn by their better halves in their pockets.
  3. In the beginning of the gambling era – many years ago – there was a belief that the rabbit foot brings luck. Due to this, a lot of the poker players personally killed rabbits and carried the feet with them on a poker game.
  4. A memory of the last big win. Usually, it’s a chip taken from the pot by the player who appeared to be the winner in the poker game. Sometimes, the poker players even saved a dollar from the big prize and always started the pot with this dollar for luck of course.
  5. In ground casinos, mostly in the past, there were even women who worked as lucky charms. These beautiful ladies used to be carried all along Las Vegas with the best poker players. But this tradition is not dead. A lot of people still ask their wives to remain in the room while they play an important poker game in pokerlounge99 or a VIP tournament.

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